How TBC Wallet Works

India’s No 1 online shopping website/portal accepts TBC (THE BILLION COIN) know as cryptocurrency.

From January 1st of the year 2020, we start to accept TBC (THE BILLION COIN) know as cryptocurrency payment for online shopping from our website. But in begin, we accept only 50% of payment in TBC and 50% of payment by PAYPAL or DIRECT BANK TRANSFER or by any other payment gateway.

So, you need to recharge your wallet 50% with TBC and 50% with real money.

The customer who want to use your TBC as payment, 1st you need recharge your wallet on our website. We won’t take any activation fee, or any maintenance fee, or exchange commission, etc. We will exchange your TBC to Dollars or Euros or any other countries real money value and update in your wallet.

To do so,

step 1. Enter our website and change conversion button from INR to USD (button in the left sidebar)

step 2. Open an account (sign-up) and enter your account (sign-in)

step 3. Go to ‘MY WALLET’ menu

step 4. Click on ‘WALLET TOPUP’ and enter the amount value, how much you want to recharge (minimum $500)(Our default value is INR-Indian Rupees) and click ‘add’ button.

step 5. Here, you can find all types of payment options, when you select TBC you can find our TBC wallet address code to send us your TBC.

step 6. After successfull transaction, you can write us your comment in our blanc box.

*** Within 2 hours, your transaction will be exchanged to DOLLAR and credited in your wallet as well.

After Successfully credited your real money in your wallet of

Secondly, follow the same steps from 1 to 4 and select payment option PAYPAL and proceed process for payment.

Now, You have recharged 500$ TBC +& 500$ Real money =1000$ in your wallet, you can now start your purchase with your wallet credits.

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